What is Givlly Volunteer Management Solution (VMS)

Givlly VMS is a cloud-based application designed to help volunteer organizations better manage volunteers by centralizing volunteer information and automating many of the tasks volunteer managers are doing every day. This means they’ll spend less time on administration and more time on improving volunteering experience. Givlly VMS is easy to use and customizable to the way your organization work.

How can Givlly benefit my VWO?

Centralized Volunteer Data – Givlly VMS helps you track all your volunteer information and interactions in a single place that’s accessible from anytime, anywhere. You will always have the most up-to-date details and all relevant volunteers’ details to move things forward

Accelerate productivity — Givlly VMS lets you do more, from anywhere. Create campaign, communicating with volunteers, and check dashboards no matter where you are. We help to drive move productivity by automating complex processes.

Make insightful decisions — Givlly volunteer analytics helps VWOs make sense of their existing volunteer pool. Detailed reports helps VWO track the volunteer activities, volunteerism rates and even location heat-map, and make smart decisions based on the most up-to-date information.

Is my organization too small to use Givlly?

No VWO is too small to use Givlly. Givlly VMS is a cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, so we can scale easily to accommodate VWO of any size, from GUIs to global VWOS. The benefits and advantages of Givlly VMS apply equally to all VWOs regardless of size.

What is the difference between Givlly App and VMS?

Givlly VMS is designed to help VWOs better manage their volunteers, allowing them more time to improve on volunteering experience.

Givlly App is designed as an outreach tool to help VWOs generate more exposure and outreach for their volunteering programs. It is also a recruitment tool to help VWOs recruit interested volunteers.

What is the difference between Professional and OEM package?

Our Professional package is designed to provide mid-sized VWOs with more bandwidth to manage their volunteer pools.

Our White label package is designed to provide VWO with a custom-branded standalone VMS and App. This means that the VMS and App will be branded under the VWO’s own branding and logo.

How secure is my data on Givlly?

Org Security — Givlly protects your organization’s data from all other customer data by using a unique identifier that restricts access to your data at every level from anyone outside of your company.

User Security — User authentication combined with network-level security by IP address, session restrictions, and audit trails provides control and visibility into what users are doing in the system and their field history.

Programmatic Security — Givlly conducted periodic scans on our source code that produces a report analyzing the security of our code.

How do I get started?

Very simple, fixed up an appointment with us and let us guide you along.

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