Volunteer management best practices Part 2 – Apply a volunteer-centric communication and engagement strategy

Volunteer management best practices Part 2

#2 Apply a volunteer-centric communication and engagement strategy

One important aspect of volunteer management is communication and having the right strategy will help deepen the engagement between your organisation and the volunteers. A volunteer-centric communication strategy should give you a big picture plans supported by a series of specific tactics to meet your engagement goals. The goal should be volunteer retention and grow the volunteer base and incase in mindshare. 

A communication strategy should include the following, 

  1. First impression. – After a volunteer has signed up with your organisation, your volunteer must have access to the information they need for their role at their fingertips. It could be an online volunteer portal where they can access their account to get training materials, regular updates and reach out to their Volunteer coordinator quickly. The frustration of been lead to different sites or go through too many steps just to find relevant informaton will increase drop out rate.  Always ensure the process is streamlined and not make them jump through hoops just to find information or reeach out to the volunteer coordinator.
  2. Regular check-in –  It is important to keep regular communication with your volunteers to find out how is their volunteering experience with your organisation. Always open to having their feedback to find out how they are managing their role, whether they are having any difficulties or they have certain goals for themselves. These feedbacks can continue to track what is working for your volunteers and what simply isn’t and as an organisation, how you can help them.
  3. Personalised communication – Personalised communication is important, not only it increases the engagement, example a simple thank you message after the volunteer completed his task or a birthday wish E-card, gives the volunteer the recognition and knows that your organisation values his or her contributions. Sending volunteer opportunities that are tailored to the volunteer personal goal and schedule will also help to improve their overall volunteering experience and improve retention. 

Although there are tools out there like Mailchimp, Typeforms and Survey Monkey to help volunteer manager to engage with volunteers, using Givlly’s Volunteer Management Solution, volunteer manager does not need to switch between platforms just to get one task done, Givlly’s VMS gives you full control when and how you want to communicate and tailor your engagement to volunteers preference within Givlly’s VMS platform.

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