Save time and reduce admin work

No more switching between multiple software to recruit and onboarding your volunteers. Improved your volunteer onboarding workflow using Givlly to track the progress to ensure that no step is skipped or missed.

Training sign up and track result

Volunteers can sign up for your training course through Givlly and receive the result of their training on their account.

Create volunteer program and roster

Create new or recurring programs within just a few clicks. Our schedule features give your team the flexibility to customise different volunteer shifts, roster and more. Volunteers can sign up and also set their availability themselves.

Centralised communication

Givlly targeting and emailing feature lets your team match the right opportunity for the right volunteers. Instead of endless emailing lists. With Givlly dynamic filters, you can customise your audience for each communication.

Stay on top of your progress

Givlly reports capture the data of each activity making it easy for your team to measure and determine the next action to meet your goals.

Volunteer mobile app*

Your volunteers can register for volunteering opportunities, sign in attendance and track their volunteering activities using Givlly Mobile App


*All Givlly SSA, Nursing Home and VC VMS solutions come with the volunteer mobile app.

Social Service Agencies

Givlly SSA VMS help to streamline your daily volunteer management workflow. From recruitment, onboarding to communication, all done on one platform. Instead of spending time switching between software, you can now focus on meeting your goal to create a better volunteering experience for your volunteers. A great fit for nonprofits, social service organisations and charities

Nursing Home

Givlly Nursing Home VMS is designed to meet the unique requirements and workflow of the nursing home and healthcare sectors. Some key features include the creation of resident records and bed assignments. You can also do reference checks, screening of the volunteers, and assigning them to their allocated ward via Givlly.

Volunteer Centre

With complete, centralised data, Givlly VC VMS give you the real-time view across all partners' volunteer centre and help you to manage multiple partners volunteering activities and schedules. The VC volunteer app allows the volunteers to register for volunteering opportunities posted by the partners' volunteer centre, track their volunteering activities and do their own attendance check-in.

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